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240:140 Using Databases in Education
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Downloadable Files
9/1 Developing a Decision-Support System for Disasters

Access Unit B



Article Analysis: Data - Mining with a Mission

Access Unit C


9/15 Review Personal Database Assignment plans

Article Analysis: Data - Mining with a Mission #1

Article Analysis: Data - Mining with a Mission #2



Article Analysis: Data - Driven by Data (Due to technical difficulties, Andy's presentation was not recorded.) =-(

Article Analysis: When Perceptions Bump Into Data


9/29 Students Present their Personal Database Assignments

Explore Excel-based student data

Zeitz discusses Chapter 2



Review the Measures Intersection Activity
Sandra O'Brien's Presentation over Skype
Kathie Goetsch's Presentation over Skype
Midterm Review

10/13 Midterm - No Broadcast    

Review Expanded Personal DB Assignment
Review Chapter 3 - Getting Started with Data
Review School Data from Ch 4


Review Expanded Personal DB Assignment
Review DB Project
Discuss Chapter 4



Present Expanded Personal DB projects
Dr. John Henning presents proposal for the database project that the class will create
Project discussion (not included because battery died in wireless microphone.)


Yaumi presents his Expanded Personal Database
Review Chapter 6
Discuss the Henning Project. Review the DB suggestions and develop a strategy for completing the project.


Review the field trip to Cedar Rapids
Review The Henning Project and discuss how to assess and evaluate the final product and participation.
Review second half of Chapter 6.
Work on the Henning Project.

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