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DPME Template: Standard Pages

Standards page

Individual Standards Pages list the criteria/components for each standard. These pages are also another location that illustrates the alignment among artifacts and criteria/components.

Completing Individual Standard Pages

  • List the name of each artifact that aligns with a criteria/component in the Artifacts column.

  • Write a short description for each artifact in the Artifact Description column.
  • Repeat as necessary for each artifact

  • Once an artifact is entered in the Artifacts column, a link needs to be created from the artifact's name to its Artifact Page

    • Click the Edit Page button.

    • Highlight an artifact's name

    • Select the Hyperlink icon in the toolbar.

    • Enter the name of the Artifact page file (e.g., Artifact 01) into the Sites page box and click on the Search button.

    • Your desired page should appear in the Apps Script box. If it is there, select the page. If it is not, click the Create New Page button.

    • Select OK

    • Repeat as necessary for each instance of an artifact

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Last Updated: June 21, 2012